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My name is Jenna,I am 18 years old and a senior in highschool.I began dating my marine in september of 2007.and we have been together ever since.He was deployed september 21 2008 to iraq.I am really here to jsut meet new people in similiar situtations as me.None of my friends are currently dating anyone in the military so they dont exactly understand what it's like :/


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OH you will find it. go the the i am a usmc wife, girlfriend, fiance one. Oh you will find it we are pretty active. I am not one anymore we called it quits but i met some great girls on there. Check it out. BUT i will tell you this we are all there to support one another and not complain about day to day stuff. We ask for advise and is this normal kind of thing regarding the life as a girlfriend of a marine. We understand as well as some of the other branchs that have made groups as well. Check them out and you will find tons of people that understand what your friends do not. Take care and good luck!