Me and My Marine's Story

My name is Megan Iv been with my BF for 3 months Im 18 A little over a year ago I had the unfortunate incident of being raped by a Marine (hence my PTSD) and up until I met my BF i hated Marines. I met my BF at a club near my house by being as clumsy as I always am I fell and knocked him over we talked a little and exchanged numbers. Later we went out and I ended up finding out on that date that he was a Marine...I decided based on what one guy did to me I cant base my judgement on all Marines that way. I started spending more time with him and even some of his friends and grew to love him. He is a great guy...I Love him. His name is Will he is a 20yr old Lcpl (0121) admin at SOI. Nondeployable so I have him to myself as often as I want. He is extremely patient and disciplined but gets really goofy around me. Hes a good Man and Marine Im glad Im his girl.

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Rape is a very ugly act. My minor daughter was raped by two church members, years later by a soldier while we both were at war for our country. Unfortunately the military has a long history of condoning rape.

That is so sweet! How you met, of course. Not the fact that you got raped. I'm really sorry that happened to you (I know you might get tired of hearing that, I really don't know so I'm sayin it anyway so you don't think I'm a heartless b!tch). I'm glad you decided not to hate all marines even though some are a$$holes and cannot be considered one of the few & the proud.

I am so sorry for what happened to you! I was also raped and I understand the fear you had of marines but it is great that you gave him a chance and he turned out to be the one you love! Goopd Luck Sweetie I hope everything continous to go well!