My boyfriend is deployed, hes been gone for about 3 months.  He just got the Internet and can go on myspace and things like that.  A girl who has been his friend for long time, that i know, and is really annoying,  wrote him a comment that said "i love you and i miss you."  I wrote a comment right above his saying how much i love him as usual.  but when he went on line he only wrote her back, saying "i love and miss you too, hope all is well."  but i never got a comment back, granted we talked on aim most of the day.  Am i just being childish, and i know its MYSPACE but really what happened to manners when a girl has a boyfriend you dont tell them their boyfriend that you love them, to me its just not right.  Any opinions???

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5 Responses Feb 20, 2009

some guys love their friends like family..specially since he added hope all is well im thinking that's how he is...after all, he spent all day talking to you, didnt he?

I tell a lot of my guy friends I love them & those who are overseas I'll post messages saying 'love & miss you'. Those with a significant other... the gf/wife also know we've been friends for 10 years plus & to not take it for more than it is. I know being away from each other makes things a little more difficult, but if these 2 have been friends for a while I would just let it be. Be confident in your relationship & the love you have for one another.

My best friend is in Afghanistan and my boyfriend is in Iraq. I write to both of them and I tell both men that I love them because it is true. Just because she tells him she loves him doesn't mean she wants to be with him or anything like that. Maybe she just cares about him and wants him to be safe.

With Myspace dont look into what he types. Myspace is meaningless so dont worry Im sure he loves you.

Well alls I have to say is she is lucky to still be x