This Is Hard

I'm new to this whole thing and it's been really hard. My boyfriend left for BCT the same day I left to go back to college in January. AIT starts right after basic so it's 5 months till I get to see him 21 weeks total. He wants to get married when he comes home so I can go where ever he gets stationed, but I'm off at school and I'm not sure if I'm willing to give up my education right away to leave. The letters are what keep me going everyday and I'm sure everyone agrees.. The distance will only make us stronger!

HesMyArmyHero HesMyArmyHero
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

honestly, i'd finish school first before getting married. i think you have an awesome attitude, and that the distance will make your relationship stronger, but so will time. you can always get married when he's back and you're done with school. just my opinion :)

Thank you! I can't even imagine him being in Germany, you're so strong being able to do that right now. I'm so confused with everything and I know my parents would want me to stay in school where I am at now but I have looked at schooling that can be done where ever he gets stationed. My head is just spinning in circles thinking about it and I go over and over what I would end up doing either way. I agree with trying to make our men happy before thinking about what we really want because the military is a big change in your life. This is distance is making us stronger and I think it is a reason that this decision is getting harder. Thank you for the advice!