I Hate Deployments

My man and I met back in early December through some friends. The first time I saw him I just couldn't get over how hot he was. As soon as he left the room I told my friend that I really liked him and that I liked the fact that he wasn't afraid to be so sarcastic even though he didn't really know me. I tried a new church the next week because my friend let it slip that he was going to go and I was so excited when he showed up. The seat next to me was empty but he decided to leave that seat empty and sit one a way so I thought he wasn't into me at all. He ended up going to a Thursday night church group and avoiding me again... by this time I was one sad girl cuz I had already fallen for him and I hardly knew his story. On that Friday we had a babysitting night at our church so that local military families could go out Christmas shopping. He ended up in the infant room with me! After he asked if I wanted to get some ice cream and we ended up falling in love on the beach that night.

I didn't used to believe that you could fall in love that quickly with someone who hardly knew but it is possible. From that day until the day he left for Iraq we spent every waking moment together. We did so many fun things in such a short amount of time and I grew so close to him that him being gone now kills me. I hate it. I just want him home so I can go back to living life again instead of merely surviving.

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wow that's so cute. Me and my man were kinda the same way! I'm happy for you two!

Yeah, he is a weirdo lol