My name is Faith Kensington, I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I joined Experience Project in hopes of finding Support :) I read a couple of Experiences and I already feel as if I'm apart of a family :) I'd love to find someone who understands me.

Here's a closer look on me and my outcome as an Army Best Friend / Significant Other ...

My Best Friend (Soldier) left on course. He's Training Overseas in Bulgaria :/ I'm in love w/ him ... I am uncertain about his feelings. He recently injured himself. He's at home, I am finishing my placement located in Memphis ... I feel as if he likes me a lot but I also feel like he likes me as a friend :/ He is a few years older. As crazy as I might sound, I am in love w/ him.
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Age is just a number girl ❤️

If you want to know how he feels you have to ask him. Don't let the age thing be a factor at all, it doesn't matter. Just tell him how you feel and ask him where he stands. I have found from my boyfriend that handling emotion while in the army isn't an easy thing, so often stuff gets held back. If you love this man you need to be honest with him. :)