My friends made me feel terrible tonight . They asked me how long has it been since I've seen my Airman & I told them it has been a total of 3 months & they made negative comments saying, " I don't see how you do it" " that's a long time " " I couldn't do it if it was me" "go be with another guy until he's back home". I'm not that type of girl & I'm loyal to my airman . Why do people have to be so negative . He's in another country & I need all of the positive comments In the world , but everybody is so negative !!!!
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Loyalty is fine as long as he is being loyal to you..Those airmen love to play play play when they are off duty. I am not being negative babe, I am telling you how it was when I was in the hard and needs releif, what do you thing he is going to do, let his buddies watch him JO...No, he is going with them to where the action is and I am not talking war activities

This is where you learn how to be touch, and stand firm on your feet, and protect your love, no matter what anyone say, you need to only look towards one aim, and it's the love that you have for the man that has capture your heart my dear, life is touch, and in it you'll find a lot of un happy people that all they produce is bad energy and vibe, you don't need that in your life sweetheart, our best friend in these difficult moments is GOD, He is the only one that will bring our hopes up, encourage us to move on, on those days, when all we want to do is cry, is not easy being a military girlfriend, fiancΓ© or wife, it's very hard, cause most of the time, we're alone, as I'm writing to you, I haven't heard from my fiancΓ© for 7 days, I'm dead worried I'm in tears right now, but I love him, and I wouldn't have it any other way, I've never met him in person yet, we've been together for 2 1/2 yrs, we've texted, emailed, phone called, he's sent me video, but yet to see him in person, this will b the year, GOD WILLING, I'm very excited, and also afraid, so many things can happen, but I have him in the hands of God., what I'm trying to say is that, I also have heard a lot of negativities of people, but you need to base your love and trust in God that is the Rock, in which will give your relationship a solid foundation that no matter how many trial and tribulations comes to your life, it won't break you guys down, cause your Faith will be based on GOD THAT WILL ALWAYS PROTECT YOU AND YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER, never forget this ok, GOD IS IN CONTROL, GOD BLESS YOUπŸ’žYOUR NOT ALONE, we're all here for each other ok txt me any timeπŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’

Oh wow! This was an amazing experience that you have shared with me . I was just thinking & saying to myself that it's so hard but we're willing to fight for it . I pray for us & his well being every night . It's scary that he's so far away but I do trust & believe in God. Thank you so much! This really helped me out & I'm feeling so much better now . God Bless you πŸ™

I met my fiancΓ© on IG last Dec. He invited me to his ALS graduation in March. That was the first time we met in person. I was with him for 4 days. I haven't seen him since and won't see him or another year. Our love is unconventional, like yours, but it's worth waiting for.

I haven't seen my airman since March and won't see him for another year. I'm hoping he will take leave mid tour and come see me in Feb.
I'm with someone whom I love and that loves me back. We don't need to touch to prove our love. That's real love. The way he makes me feel, from thousands of miles away, is worth more to me than sex.

I agree . It makes things a lot more harder when my friends are downing my commitment to my boyfriend & telling me how crazy I am for wanting to wait on him . I haven't seen him since May & I have another year to go as well , but the love is worth the wait .,

Opinions are like ********. Everyone has one and they're often full of crap.
Next time someone questions your relationship just say, in a really nice way, "I really appreciate your concerns. I'm in love and I'm happy. So, if you truly care about me, then be happy for me."

You're right , I appreciate that .

Anytime love. Only we, who are in the same situation, understand your pain. No relationship is ever easy, but damn it, I'm happy!

I have found the ones who are usually quick to give me crap about living my airman I haven't seen in months are the ones who are not happy with current situations in their own lives. Don't let them rain on your parade!


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I get exactly the same thing!! My forensic is satin someone who's an hours drive away and she complains... Mine is a 10 hour drive or I have to catch a flight it's like just shut up! That's why I don't tell anyone that he is military to save myself the hassle!

Ignore them, that's what I do.