I need advice. I haven't spoken to my boyfriend in a week. I know that doesn't seem like a long time for most people, but since we started dating this is the longest time we've been without communication. I know he can't call, but I just want to hear from others how you deal with long periods of time with no contact. This is hard for me! The physical separation isn't the worst for me, its not being able to talk to him that gets to me... I'm just in a really low place right now and could use words of encouragement :)
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I chose to make plans to keep myself busy once I got my boyfriend's BMT dates. Classes, volunteering, catching up with my girl friends I had not seen in awhile, etc. Find friends you can reach out to and talk about your missing him to them. I'm lucky that I am close to his family and they check up on me often and we talk almost daily and that helps fill the void a bit. I hope this helps! It's not easy for anyone, but the way you approach it (positively instead of negatively) will make all the difference in the world! Oh and I found writing him every night before bed sort of feels like telling him about my day.

I tend to stay pretty busy. Lesson plans and other school prep, spending time with friends, and cleaning/organizing my apartment are what I've been doing this past week. But no matter where I am and what I'm doing I am always thinking about him. It's hard to talk to my friends about missing him, because they don't really understand.
I like the letter idea, that's good :) Thanks for the encouragement! It's so nice to be able to get advice from others!

It will never feel ideal, but you will get to the point where it gets easier. I understand the hard to talk about it part. I've learned to reach out to those who have gone through it for support bc civilians mean well, but don't fully understand and tend to say things by accident when trying to help that hurt me. Just remember this is temporary and he will be in your arms again soon enough!

you just have to do you and go about your day and then when they call they call. not exciting advice but just waiting around will drive you nuts

Thanks. I understand what you're saying, just hard to put into action when all I do is think about him, lol. :) I appreciate your support!!

you can still think about him never stop thinking about him but you have a life too and your allowed to live it,