Tomorrow will be one week since I've seen my SO, and although I've been doing really well, there is just this massive empty space.. I feel like I'm so lost.. So incomplete.. Especially at night when I'm so used to having him next to me. I just look forward to getting my first letter from him. How long did it take for your SO's first letter to arrive?
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Is he a Marine? Because my marine left about a week ago too (10 days ago) and I just got his address to send him letters. A lot of recruiters will post their addresses on Facebook.

Is he in basic or deployed? My future airman is in BMT and I think it was about a week before I got my first letter. Week 4 was when he got his first phone call. Hang in there! He is missing you just as much, if not more I'm sure!

You can't have any other communication with him, other than letters? Like FB or emails?

I understand the empty space. But its good to hear that you are doing really well. :)