Well my boyfriend gets to go to all these fun places while he's working for the Air National Guard (Hawaii, New Zealand, Greenland, and Iceland), so I figured it was my turn! I booked an all inclusive groupon to St. Maarten, and leave next week! I can't wait to scuba dive, swim with the dolphins, and get a message! Make sure you treat yourself, ladies!
ohlaurax ohlaurax
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Enjoy that trip!!! Wish I could do something like that but the duty of mom calls

Thanks, Hun! I am working on the "things I want to do before becoming a mommy" bucket list right now bc that will be me in a couple years I'm guessing. We've talked about it as our 2-4 year plan.

Well enjoy the free time now.i had my first at 23 and my second at 25 and now at almost thirty with my now bf we are wanting one together.