I am having a hard time with negative thought. My man recently left for Georgia two weeks ago and it is really hard for me. We were together all the time and now it feels like I lost someone…I have a lot of questions and concerns and I was just gonna see if someone could help ease some of them. I have read a lot of sights that say that as a girlfriend you cannot move with your military man? Is this true? I am also concerned that maybe he won't be the same person he was when he first left..? All in all I just seem lost and worry a lot about our future together. Any thought or kind words would be greatly appreciated.
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

its a hard relation to be in but like everything in life it can be absolutely the best. The best way to keep things working between the two of you is to be compassionate, when a man is out in the field he has a lot on his head and the last thing he can handle is a woman who isnt willing to understand the weight he has to carry. Talk to him whenever you can and try to be as cheerful as you can. He will be a changed man for sure when he comes back but that doesnt mean that his love for you will diminish, he might learn new ways to express it but then again dont we all do that

Thank you for your support and advice. I have chosen to be in this no matter what and I am just trying to figure somethings out the best I can before I make the move when he is done with basic. Thank you again!

Its a pleasure. Just stay firm and everything will work out, there is always a light at the end of a tunnel