My boyfriend is in his third week of OSUT and I've only gotten one letter so far. But today I found out that my brother got arrested for murder and I'm having a hard time dealing with it. My bf is the one person I want to talk to about this but I know my letters are supposed to be happy and motivating so I can't tell him. I just hate lying to him acting like I'm happy and everything is okay when it's not. Advice?
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When I have nothing but negative news to send I just write a quick not with knock knock jokes or one line jokes to make him chuckle. Then you're not lying and saying everything is okay when it's not, and you're not sending bad news via snail mail. Is there anyone else you feel close to that you can talk to? I had to rebuild a positive social network when my bf left bc I was in the same boat with him being the one I'd talk to about everything.

If you are gonna tell him wait till you see him in person, keep the letters positive!

He is in the army if that makes a difference.