My boyfriend has been in boot camp for about three weeks now. Still no letter. We found out the date of his graduation and now his mother is trying to guilt me into giving up my ticket so his little sister can go.
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Thanks guys<3

My soldier told me when I went to his graduation he didn't care about anyone but me and if I wasn't there but everyone else was he would of stayed in bed all day and not talked to anyone. Family is important but they lean on their women a lot.

Definitely don't give up your spot to go to his graduation! He would be happy to see his sister but even happier to see you and would most likely be very disappointed if you weren't there

Airforce wife here.... Stand by your man. Nothing else matters when it comes to the military lifestyle. He'll want you there.

Well you might explain to her that he wants you there and there's no way that your not going

you need a ticket to go?

Sorry, not a ticket. But my spot. Since I'm on the list