I haven't posted in forever so here's an update.
He's in school and probably about halfway through the 16 weeks it'll be. Emotionally I'm doing okay with him gone. Not so much with just stresses of a relationship. Planning a wedding I'm not sure is going to happen really gets to me some days but it's something I'm working through.
I'm going to go see him in two weeks and spend the weekend with him for his birthday :) other than that it's just a waiting game.
You girls have gotten me through a lot knowing there's people out there that truly understand this isn't just any long distance relationship it's something much more!
Keep your heads up ladies it gets better with time and you find yourself in a new normal. We got this!
amcgarity amcgarity
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Is he in Texas right now?

Nope lol I wish!! Why?

good luck girl! I hope it gets easier for you, I know it will. it makes us so much stronger :)