I'm so excited. I move back into my dorm for my second year of college on Saturday and it's exciting because that means more things to keep me preoccupied and less time worrying about my soldier. I'm just scared that it'll be less time to talk to him because by the time he gets of of work it's 1am over here. I mean we can text while he's at work but not right away and I'm trying to get a job as well. I'm excited but worried at the same time.
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Same here girl. I started school my second year too so hopefully I won't be too worried or anxious to talk to my boyfriend who is in Tech School now. Be excited though! It's a brand new year and you get to make new friends! :)

Congrats on your second year. And good luck. Don't stress about talk time. Everything has a way of working out. And 1 am isn't late lol. Everything will go fine if you think positive and stay busy!