So here is the realization that it took me an embarrassingly long time to formulate and really believe. Your soldier/airman/marine/seaman loves you. He wouldn’t have stuck around if he didn’t. So when he doesn’t text your or call you during the day or when he says he is, STOP TAKING IT PERSONALLY. Hell, I’ve done it for months now, but after having a real conversation about it with him, one thing became incredibly clear: if he can he does.

But then at the same time, there are times where he needs a little time to himself or with his friends, but there is nothing that forces you out of his mind ever.

This is easy to say, but it’s something I’ve struggled with forever. Out of sight out of mind? No, the real phrase that applies is that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Think about how much more you cherish every moment you get to talk or to Skype or to see him. So who’s to say that he hasn’t progressed the same way, right? Trust me, MilSOs, he loves you and he wants to talk to you. But, like you, he needs to have his own life at times. And what he’s doing is like a job.

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Thank you!! :) I needed to hear that!

Yessss I really truly believe that. I know that my Marine loves me and talks to me whenever he can. But other times he like to chill with his friends. Just like any other 20 something year old would. It doesn't mean he loves me any less. Just like how us girls need girl time. Our men needs guy time.