It has been 106 days since my soldier left home.
It has been 34 days since I saw him last.
There are 29 days til my soldier graduates and comes home for only 10-14 days.
Then my soldier deploys to Germany for 2 years...
I am an Army girlfriend...

And only because I get limited time and communication to see or talk with my boyfriend. Every one is entitled to their own opinion but if your going to tell me a bunch of BS about negativity that will just crush my hopes and dreams to bring upon me a bunch of fears of him finding another girl, and him regretting he wants to marry me. The door is honestly right there; I don't need you in my life. As much as us girlfriends fear those things, our men also have those exact fears. Just because I don't have a ring on my finger doesn't mean I'm going to just dump him and move on because its tough. NO if you want to be a military girlfriend you better stick by him 100%, not only when it is convenient for you.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."
mrsgallegos mrsgallegos
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Preach it twin !!!!!

You couldn't have said it better. You are a strong woman, you guys got this. It'll be tough but your words exemplify you can handle it. You aren't alone. Feel free to message if you want to talk.

Spoken like a true MILSO. No one really knows our struggles until they've been through it themselves.

Proud of you, girl. You're not alone <3

thank you! <3

Yes! Also don't tell me "just find a civilian to date it would be easier." You think we choose to be with someone who is away more than he is home? Our heart chose them and wants no one else! God I hate people's negativity! I was going to post a similar post tonight.

The hardest part is ignoring what people say. It doesn't get easier, but finding support in here has helped me. I'm here if you need to vent further!

thanks!! I've been really down lately.... since people that are close to me tell me to leave him and date someone thats closer. I'm like eff that!

People can be so hurtful. I have stopped talking to a lot of my civilian friends about it bc they'll say stuff they think helps, but will frustrate me and hurt me more. If they ask, I'll have a quick "I'm good" but won't go into it a lot. I also run every day to keep on an even keel about things. It keeps me from hating everyone that wants to be negative about my military girlfriend status.