I've been carrying around my phone everywhere I go because I knew he would be able to call for the first time in three weeks soon. I was just sitting with my friend and my phone starts saying I had three voicemails but no missed calls. For no reason my phone didn't get the calls. And I feel horrible because I couldn't be there for him. And I know it's not my fault my phone didn't work but I can hear the hurt in the voicemails and I just feel horrible.
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

That happened to me about a month back as it was the worst heart sink to put of stomach feeling ever. I'm sure he knows you didn't do it on purpose! Hopefully he will call again soon, but write a letter explaining what happened in the mean time! It'll make you feel less guilty!

:( Hopefully he'll try to call again. I can only imagine your frustration and emotion.