Just as I was about to buy my plane ticket to Columbia my phone crashed and when I went back the prices went up. God help me because I am about to lose it!
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:-/ deep breathe. Maybe it's bc you are supposed to buy them tomorrow ? Maybe God is trying to help you. We both know His ways are higher then our ways. He will make a way in His time.

Thanks I can't help but think that it's all happening for a reason

That's the spirit comforting your heart. So trust Him. He loves you and wants the best for you and intervenes on our behalf. :)

???? Plane ticket buying websites have cookies and whoever you look at the prices then go back they go up it's how all of their websites work it's not "god is not helping you" it's literally the computer realizing you want tickets so it automatically raises the prices....

Whoa Tori she was just trying to help me feel better no need for the hostility omg calm down

Sorry if I came off harsh but i was just trying to tell you that it's the plane websites that do it if you didn't know

No I do know & it's ok. I was just really frustrated earlier.

Did you get the tickets tho??

I'll buy them later I decided to book the hotel instead. When that clears from my credit card then I'll go ahead and get the tickets. I guess I'm just have to buy them at whatever price they rose to no biggie lol

Good luck!!

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