He called me today! He told me he lost the only picture he had of us on Sunday. I sent him more but he hasn't gotten them yet and I feel terrible. He just sounded so tired. I wish I could be there for him. I'm so worried about him. In his letters he keeps asking for pictures. He tells me that it keeps him human. And knowing that he has spent the last week without them makes my heart break. I just wish I could help him but I don't know how too.
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Mine called too!! He keeps saying how stressful it is and how he's paranoid all the time now BC of how tough the RDCs are. They're on their ***** every second!! Apparently his division (946) got IT'd today for an hour because they failed inspection. Some people started crying because of how intense it was:( I just kept telling him incouraging words and that it will all be over soon!!

Mine is in division 946 too! Oh no! No wonder he didn't sound good!

Omg what's your SO's last name? Mine is Hernandez. Maybe they know each other! I felt terrible not being able to be there to give him a big kiss.

Dickey! And I wonder why he didn't tell me about it? He keeps telling me that it's easy but I know he's lying. I just wish I could help him!

I'll ask my SO and see if he knows him! :) and maybe he just doesn't want to worry you! Or better yet, just talking to YOU distracted him from all the stuff going on over there:) my bf says that during his days he always thinks of things to tell me but once he calls he just completely blanks out because hes just happy to hear my voice.

Thanks! That's really helpful advice! And I will ask mine too! :)

You're welcome:) anytime!

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