Ugh it never fails!!! We finally get a day to see each other and it was gonna be able to lay next to him all night! But of course not long after I get there he gets the call that he has to go in a deal with one of his troops!!!! I literally almost cried in front of him, I didn't tho. How ever he was just as mad as I was! We just want some time together be fore he deploys. He leaves soon for training and will be back in a month from that so hopefully we will see each other then!! Im so thankful tho for my best friend, she lives not too far from where my man is so I called her and have been able to crash at her house instead of the 2 hour drive home
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That's such a shame, the part I don't like when a plan never goes how you would like. Hopefully you'll be able to have some quality time together x stay strong.

Hopefully soon but he is leaving for training for a month. So one day we will get to spend more time together

I'm sure you both can find sometime it's so important same thing that happened to you happen to me and my BF recently it's so upsetting.

It's frustrating, he just came back from a deployment in feb and we have only spent about a handful of times together

That is frustrating indeed. I have seen my boy 4 times in the last 5 months, keep going as a time will come when your both together as one

I'm hoping so, just sucks that he's leaving again

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