Well, I woke up feeling pretty down this morning. I still haven't heard from my boyfriend and it's been two weeks. I really hope they release him from training today so that I can talk to him! I know that he's been super busy and he has no control over the fact that we can't talk, so of course I'm not upset at him! I just want to know what's going on. I miss him so much and just want to hear his voice! I really hope that today is the day!!
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I know how you feel when my BF left for his mission it was 2 weeks before I heard him. Hang in there he will get back to you I guess they are just really busy. Hugs

Thanks! I know they are busy, it's just that the last I heard from him was that he would be back in 14 days. And today is 14 days and no word from him. I know he's coming back, I just wish I knew when.

That's hard stay strong, he probably is thinking about you anyway. I know just a hello goes a long way.

The littlest communication goes a long way. I'd settle for a text that says 'hi' :) I really hope he comes home soon, or at least gets his phone back!!

I hope you hear from him soon big hugs

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