It wasn't til recently that I noticed me and my soldier have never spent an anniversary together, and we probably won't until he leaves and comes back from Germany in 2 years from his duty station. It has never bothered me before and it doesn't even now, because he knows that I support him 100% to be fighting over month anniversaries with him. But the pro of this is that I get to pick up my soldier from the airport and be reunited with him in about 25 days and I am the happiest girlfriend in the world ❤ this does get easier AIT is totally different from Boot Camp and it goes by so much faster, and because I talk to a few of other MILSO's on here weeks have been going super quick! Can't wait to be with the love of my life 😍😍😍
24 days and a wake up!
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Where is he stationed at in Germany?

He will be at Reinstein AFB

Do you mean Ramstein?

Yes sorry auto correct

Ah okay that's a nice area! ;)

Yes but He told me a week or so ago that he wants to change his orders and they are trying to. So he can be at Fort Lewis

Okay nice but don't keep your hopes up, there is always a reason why they still send them to Germany! So please keep me updated ;)

I will and I'm not I already had Germany set in mind but there's still that hope

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