wow cant believe how fast time has gone by, haven't been on this for a few weeks, and so much has happened, my boy surprised me and came home earlier than expected, but had to go back a few days later for a few briefs then was home again for 7 weeks, and he's now been home for 4 -5 week now, we've been away shopping, been to loads of places for gorgeous food, having such great laughs with family and him and have now booked our first holiday to Cyprus and we are going in 7 days for 11 days!!! I'm so excited but so unhappy that times going way to fast for his holidays and will be back at base very soon :(

Not sure if its only me feeling like this but since he's been home, when he's not with me I get angry and upset, its not his fault, I feel so bad for being moody with him when he tells me he's doing things, Im not sure if its jealousy that's getting to me because Im not doing anything or jealous he's with other people, I feel ridiculous and I hate feeling like this. He's gone to a festival this weekend with his friends and I feel like pure crap, I wont see him until Monday but that's not the point, I just feel like crying all the time because I'm not with him and I feel sooooo stupid I have no idea what it is!! I'd love to personally tell him this but if I do nothing he says would be able to make me feel better because I don't want him to stop doing things with other people just because of me, I want him to have fun and be with other people besides me..... is it just me that feels like this?
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It's not just you. My boyfriend just graduated basic and we were so excited to talk over FaceTime on his family day since I couldn't make it. But his mom arranged for another family to take him off base since his family couldn't be there for him. And obviously I want what's best for him, and what's best for him is to have a good time and celebrate and not feel like **** cause no one could be there. But I was so angry as well cause I had to wait 73 days to talk to him and any hour over that felt like hell cause he COULD talk but not the way I expected ya know? It's just the distance that gets to you even when they're closer than before. It's ok. Don't feel like you're crazy. You're not at all xx have lots of fun and enjoy the time together! Take tons of photos