I miss him...so much..and just wish I could hug him..💜 The inconsistency is so hard..and I constantly worry... "Sigh"
He is in Quatar in the Air Force and won't be home until January....
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pick up a hobby, write him when you can. find a support group around where you live. it helps, trust me

stay strong!! don't give up! :) he worth it! :)

Try not to worry cos you drive yourself mad! Keep busy and remember that your boyfriend is probably thinking about you too, and is so glad that he has a supportive girlfriend, I know plenty of girls who haven't been of their partners and it makes it harder. That time will go before you know it, make sure you keep as busy as you can :)

My man was there last year. We hardly talked during his deployment cause he was so busy but the last month of it he was able to talk more. Hang in there it will be over before you know it. If it helps any my man leaves for a month of training then will be back and off to the Middle East for deployment

Thanks...we talk everyday...but he said that could change.. You hang in there as well...how long will he be gone?

Well he's leaving for a month for training right now and after that 6-7 months. And as deployment goes on be prepared to not be able to talk for long periods of time. This is my man and I second deployment together only hoping I might get to talk to him a little more often this time

It's tough...thank god for skype! He has good internet access and has his own room...so that helps. Where in the Middle East is your guy going?

That's a good thing, that will help a lot then. My man is going to Afghanistan

I hope you guys can communicate while he's there....I have had fun putting boxes together for him!..that helps! 💜

I'm sure I will be able to talk with him while he's there. Thank god for Facebook. I'm just hoping that he will come back to me safely, we have our future ahead and already are planning out next step. I just want him to go and come back and this point. Tho I'd much rather he had gone to Qatar again. And care packages are good things to do!

This month has gone by quick...it's just so hard seeing him on skype and not being able to hug him...but technology is great!! We email too..
Hang in there..if you need to talk or vent...I'm here..

It will fly by and just remember that the homecoming will be that much better!!! And if you need to talk feel free to message me

Ok thanks! I will probably take you up on that since you have done this before..💙 have a good night!

Any time and hope you have a good night too

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