So since my bf is away, I woke up to what I thought would be just another empty bed with nothing but my phone beside me....well I was wrong...I turned over and sat up and you know what I saw....????


I quickly ran to get a shoe a killed it...and then I figured something out...this IS NOT my job...

Usually I'd wake my bf up and he'd kill it for me but since he's not here I had to toughen up and do it myself...and it was HORRIBLE.

The squished bug is still dead on my pillow as I type this...have to get up the nerve to pick it up and throw it down the toilet :(

Man...I miss my freaking bf :/
StdntNurseJay StdntNurseJay
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1 Response Aug 25, 2014

I know the feeling 😢 it's always the little things

Ugh I know right. We've been talking about how we need to go get a vacuum cleaner since we've moved here (about 4 months ago) and now I'm getting up and getting my butt to the store to get one that can vacuum this bug up :/

Awh. You don't really realize how much we need them until they're not here. :/