i miss him so much :( i hate waiting around just for a text from him, especially when i need to talk to him, to make things worse ive just lost out on a job and i dont know what to do, if he was here he would always make everything better for me :(
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Oh absolutely. I'm not saying they're not love lol. I'm just saying I miss my marine ohhhh soooo much lol

I knooooow!! :( I miss mine too!
where is he??

Mine is in Bahrain. Yours?

South Carolina :/!

Oh ok so he shouldn't be gone long right? Or am I wrong lol :)

yeah he left in July 21 his graduation is till september 22 :(! Can't wait to see hiim!! haha :P

Aww. See only a couple of months :)

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Keep strong girls they woth the wait :))

I really know what I mean. I had an interview today and didn't get it and haven't been able to tell him and it's bothering me and I really need to talk to my other half to calm me down