Got a text today telling me he got an idea of where he will be stationed :) we are both really happy because it's where we wanted. I guess since the sergeants are so impressed with his progress and his attitude they gave him first choice. We were preparing ourselves for the worst and got the best. Feeling so blessed today and so ready to see him in a week. Can't believe I've lived without my fiancé for so long. But it's all worth it :)
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Was this picture taken at graduation or family day?

Graduation family day they wear their acu's

Oh ok! Well you guys looked lovelllyyyyyyy

Thank ya :)

Congratulations! Such exciting news!!!:)

That's awesome news!!!

Thank ya lovely lady :)

Oh and I figured out today that he left for sure yesterday cause he hasn't been on fb all day and that usually my first place to contact him. Thankfully my son starts school tomorrow and I have a job interview and my best friends whose hubby is in the navy is visiting with her daughter

That's a bummer!! But he hasn't deployed yet it's just a training right? If you don't mind me asking. Because you need to get that love letter to him quick girl! Lol

He is just training for now thank goodness so I def need to get that letter to him quick

Good!! You still have time!

I do have time and I've already got three quarters of a page

Let me know if you get it to him. I'm loving y'all's love story

I absolutely will let you know

Happy for you!!! 💜

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That's so great, congrats! How did he end up getting his first choice? Ive heard they don't pay much attention to the lists.

I have no idea. To be completely honest he's like number one or two in his class and I heard from an officers wife (she's my cousins wife) that they usually reward them by taking their lists into consideration more seriously. Him and his friend also know a lot of people on that base so idk if someone pulled strings or since they are showing leadership qualities they are getting the benefits from there. Just tell your significant other to take the school seriously. If anything they get promotion points!!