I got my first letter yesterday, and I can't eve explain the feelings that came along with it. I was so happy, ad relieved at the same time. When I read it I started tearing up because of how emotional I was. I can't wait for another letter to come!
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where is ur soldier?

Fort Jackson, what about your's?

Nooooo waaaay minee tooo!!!! :DDDD!!
When he stared??? :D
This is greeat lol xD

He's only been there for two weeks ow, so he's there until almost the end of October. That's so cool!!! What about your's?!

Mine stared about a month in July 21! so he will be there till the end of september :D!

just a month of difference of urs! haha lol

That's awesome! I'm so glad that I was able to connect with someone who has a loved one in the same place as mine! How long have you been together?

Meee tooo!! e have almost the same time just for a month haha lol xD i meet two more girls with their soldiers there and u :D but they have their graduation next week so happy for those girls :D and we are new lol only two months we are a babies xD haha!

wbu??? :))

Awe!! :D haha well, "technically" two and a half months, but he and I have been best friends since sixth grade, and we dated for a while our freshman ear of high school. So our relationship status is new, but our relationship began a long time ago :D <3

yeeah ooww how cute! so we are babies in the relationship too haha :D
Do u know in what platoon is he ?

4th, what about your's?

3rd lol xD haha well is next to urs xD!

Yes :) What area of the country are you from?

Arizooonaaa!! ImI lol xD wbu?

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The most beautiful feeling right?? :DD!!