So I Need to Learn, Because I Feel Out...

my airman always tells me about when he's on base his jobs and stuff, but fails to ever say what he does when he's deployed. I understand he's schooling while he's there, but what does a usual job entail when he deploys? it just seems to never come up, or he's avoiding it or something...

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

It's called OPSEC, they will never be able to tell us most of what they do while deployed. And even the things he could tell you when he was at home he DEFINITELY isn't supposed to tell you over the phone or internet!

some guys don't like to discuss it with their gf's/wives/so because it's stressful, they don't want to worry us, and they like to keep us separate from it. it's also very possible he's not allowed to say.