I've spent the past year and a half waiting until March for him to come home. I've tried being the best girlfriend I can be, sometimes it's extremely hard but I push through it and always try to wear a smile. We talked about a week ago and the last thing he told me was to "leave me alone, there is no reason for you to be with me anymore. I don't want you." I've never been more heartbroken. It's like the little butterflies in my stomach keep dieing, over and over again. I tried calling about two days later and I got a call back from an unknown number and It was a female telling me to leave her boyfriend alone and stop calling. I guess the distance was too much for him. :(
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Omggggggggggggggg!!! That's crazy. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I agree with the person that commented previously. Message if u need to talk. Leave him & his girl, wish him the best & let them be. He's obviously coward for the way he handled it. Better her than you to have such a person so low. Tuhhhhhh

I am so sorry!! :( I just broke up with my bf too, and I wish I could give you some magic advice to make it better. Just know that everything happens for a reason and you are strong enough to get through this!! You can message me if you want to chat.