One of those nights.. I just need him here. I just need to hear his voice.
Bethaaanylynn Bethaaanylynn
18-21, F
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I've been that way for a few days! I've had a small medical problem that im dealing with and all I want is him by my side

I'm having the same kind of day :( how long has your guy been gone?

not long.. this will be his second week of training

Same here, hopefully it gets easier!

Hopefully when we both get that first letter it'll be somewhat better :)

You're the one person who knows how very much I'm looking forward to that ☺️ people who aren't going through it don't understand...

if you ever need to talk message me :)

Thank you, will do! (:

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Keep strong girl! he come back soon :)!
Hey smile he is thinking of u right now :))!

Thank you, I'm trying :)

Welcome.. :)) I had one of that nights yesterday :s! I understand U!
Just read the messages u sent each other! all the moments and the most important he loves U and he can't wait to see U too! Everything is gonna be ok :)