I would say I've officially been a navy girlfriend for about 9 months now. It has been a bumpy road these past 9 months and even bumpier before that. I found myself asking if I should keep doing this because at times it just hurt way too much. But I continued to push on through because I knew waiting was so much easier than not having him at all. My boyfriend is incredible, even though we've been going through way more than we could possibly handle since his last deployment, we're still strong as always.
I have never been more connected to a person & I have never had such an amazing best friend as him. The military relationship life is hard, it is & I have noticed that these past few months but I wouldn't give it up for anything. Including the long distance, limited communication, and annoying deployments. I've grown to accept a lot of things. The deployments, the very limited communication, & the inconveniences of the Navy. I never went through the whole bootcamp, A school, C School ordeal, I met him when he was already stationed in Japan.
Many of the young girls on here are only in the beginning stages of this journey, although I never experienced those & was thrown into the intermediate stages I can admit I've learned a lot about the way things work.
Bootcamp can be compared to deployments, very very limited communication except through email & that's only through certain ships (I know nothing about submarines), A school/C school can be compared to them being stationed far from you.
Twitter is a great way to connect with other MILSO's & care packages are a soldier/marine/sailor/coasties' best friend.
FaceTime, Skype, the app called Couple, the calendar in your phone...those become YOUR best friends.
I can also tell you, that feeling of attachment to your phone expecting a call/message will mostly only happen during deployments. While being stationed, the schedule is a lot more stable. You'll feel a little more free & the pressure of keeping your phone close will lessen.
Many people will not understand why you're in this relationship. They'll say they couldn't do it if it were them, they'll undermine your choice, and you will get aggravated. I've learned to not say anything. You know this is your choice, you know you will stand by it & you know why you chose this man. They will never understand until they feel it for themselves & the chances of that are highly unlikely. When this happens to me, I smirk & simply say "okay". The facial expressions are usually confused at the response but really it's because I have nothing more to say. I know what I feel, it doesn't have to be explained to ANYONE else because...WHO CARES!? :)
I believe I hold a lot of experience on being a military/navy girlfriend and if anyone ever needs advice or has questions feel free to message me.

We're all just one day closer ;)
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Thank you for this! :)

This is so true! What's the couple app do?

I want to know what the couple is too

It's an app on both android and iPhones. Perfect for long distance relationships. You can "text" there and make it completely private. As well as send pictures which are strictly saved in the app. Draw sketches, send stickers :) it's a fun app for couples.

Hooaaaahhhhh! ❤❤