im so angry! my ex is literally stalking me! hes found out that connor isnt around and hes gone into the RAF through my tweets even though ive blocked him on there he can still see them! ive blocked him on snapchat but he keeps making new ones and adding me its pretty much every day and its driving me mad! i cant get rid of him no matter what i do, he thinks he can manipulate me now connor is gone, i live just around the corner from him too! but were moving house soon, thank god! how do i get rid of him? hes making this so much harder for me!
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And if it's possible, you should change your snapchat username so that he won't find you anymore

Something similar to this happened to me and it's only going to get worse ... Trust me this guy started off with making fake account on fb, Instagram, twitter, snapchat and then he started to hack my accounts enclosing my emails like yahoo and gmail and honestly I have NO idea HOW. After he started threatening me if I didn't get back with him and he threatened my family. It will only get worse .. I had to get an order of protection against him and I'm only 16. If he seems really really stalkerish like that you should tell someone immediately.

Restraining order?

I had this problem with my boyfriends friend. I approached him about stopping with my bf and another close friend. He stopped and his friend in longer contacts me. I don't suggest for you to go alone ALWAYS go with someone else so you have witnesses.

He sounds really creepy.
U should tell a family member they can really help u out.

Ur sort of being bullied. Im sure u have confronted him and he may not have listened but maybe keep telling him and he'll get the message.

Good luck