So my monster errr mother in law just called me. Or should I say my bf's mother? Haha. Anyway she's venting to me about the relationship between her and her son. I mean I want to offer some consolidation but at the same time I don't want to get in between.

I'm so torn because she's so heartbroken and idk what to do. She's like, you need to talk to him and tell him to love his mother etc etc. he's never spoken bad of her but their relationship is terrible. I mean I want to tell her that he loves her dearly, that he's just hurt by some of the things she's done to him but I feel like that's not my place.

All I can say is the next two days are going to be really emotional. She didn't even know how about his graduation until she got the invitation in the mail. And to think that my bf and my parents have the greatest relationship ever, you'd never believe that he and his mom are like this...
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It is dangerous for you to get involve in that, she shouldn't be calling you in the first place but it seems she likes you. If this must continue, just listen to her but do not tell her anything that your bf had told you in confidence and you definitively need to tell him you are talking to her so he doesn't feel betrayed.
These conversations shouldn't bee forever, you should advice them to sit down and talk their problems out.

Right. Thanks bcuz I thought I was the only one thinking like this. I definitely shouldn't be getting involved