Miss My Airman

My airman went off for bootcampin Jan and won't be back until may because he has AIT right after. We have been together a year and four months now. I feel weird/ mean because I use people i call or text peolpe juz becuz im bored, and my friends dont understand all of their boyfriends are here with them. so am i mean for using people? Oh and me and him plan on gettin married once im out of high school is it ok to be engaged my last year in high school im a junior now and im 17 he's 18?????

AirmanDarbysGirl AirmanDarbysGirl
3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

your going threw the same thing i am, except you lucky that your bf if coming back in may, mine left in feb and wont be back till end of july. We have been together for a year and 8 months and we talk about getting married all the time. I am also a junior in highschool, i dont think its bad to be engaged your senior year, it takes a year to plan a wedding anyway. Do you plan on going to college? Is you bf active air force or national guard?

Thank you . YEA WE DO SOUND JUZ THE SAME. Your boyfriend's in TX right?

OMG!!!!your story sounds just like mine. i swear we are the same person my boyfriend left january and will bak in may beccause of ait and everything...and we are planning on getting married after i get out of school also....but no i dont think its wrong to use your friends i mean your lonely and your friends should be the ones that you can count on when times get hard....and no i dont think its wrong to be engaged your last year in high school....dont listen to what other people say...listen to your heart...and trust god..yoou will be ok