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Well my name is Melissa Maxon. I am a Marine girlfriend. I am seventeen years old and I am a senior in high school. My boyfriend is in boot camp at the moment. He is eighteen years old.  I havent seen or talked to him since January 11th. I miss him dearly but I know there is more to come and it will just get worse. I'm so not ready for the deployments and everything. I know it is going to be hard but I am willing to wait for him.

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just stay strong and wait.

Hey my boyfriend left February 12th he is in basic training as well we should talk seeing as though were in the exact same situation :)<br />
Semper Fi

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I thought I posted a comment on here about OPSEC, but maybe it didn't go through...? Anyway you might wanna look it up for security/safety reasons.

You kinda match me my bf is 18 and im 17 he's in the air force tho and left for bct jan 27 and doesn't graduates until may 26. He's in TX now . But i know wat ya mean the whole he goes but you stay here is not a good thing to dwell on juz remember he's coming back. If you haven't gotten anything and woried ask his fam if they heard anything from him, my airman got to write after two weeks and got to call shortly after. But i dont kno if it's different for the marines. STAY STRONG THO KEEP YA HEAD UP. And it will get better trust me