How Do I Juz Get Up and Move???

I'm 17 and my airman is 18 and he is in bct he'll be graduating in a couple of weeks end of mar. But we plan on getting married once im out of school and then i'll move wit him. But my question is how do you juz get up and move and plan a wedding i juz feel like it's going to be a big ball of UGH trying to pull it all off i love him and kno i want to marry him and live wit him . So do i juz hire movers to get my things....


I kno i have a while to think about this but i juz want to get a feel of wat is going to happen and how.

Any advice???? I would greatly appreciate it.

AirmanDarbysGirl AirmanDarbysGirl
5 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Thanks girls!!!!

Good point and if you save all the reciepts and you start working you can use them next year as a huge tax right off. i remember H&R BLOCK telling me.x

you need to have an affadavit (somehow spelled like that) my friend recently got married and theres alot of paper work. the AF marries you and stuff. then eventually when everything is taken care of, you can move in

Thank you for commenting lol... Yea i figured it was gone cost alot of money I think im gone take what i really need and start over for the most part.

Moving is stressful. It is as stressful as getin a divorce they say. its hard to start over again and again. But when you love your man and want to be with him then it makes it worth it to start all over. You can rent a u-haul or take your stuff in your car or pay to have it moved but that will cost allot. My question then would be how much is your stuff worth? Because you could allways take the stuff that means the most and replace the rest and that will save you loads.xx