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Im a new navy girlfriend. i met my my boyfriend threw his friends, we emailed alot till we drifted apart but we came back together. Kind of the whole if you love someone let them go and if they return it was ment to be sort of situation what have you :]. Recently had a very good visit at his place for which i went during spring break. We have amazing chemistry together and im glad we found eachother. He is going away for two months to South america then coming back till october09 he will be leaving 9 months to japan austrialia and pending paper work afghanistan as well. im just wondering where does it all go from hear. I know to email/write and send care packages but since my return home he has been very distant and has hardend calls rarely or i will always call and try to keep things bright and optimistic. He keeps saying yes we are together but Im wondering what ive gotten myself into and will this relationship last or is this just a quick thing hmmmmm.

All input is greatly appreciated :]

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I know that alot of men who are leaving distance themselves...for some it is because they miss what they left behind to much to focus on there job and keeping themselves safe. So in order to be able to do there job and keep themself safe and get home. <br />
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Dont worry hunny~ Everything will work out exactly how it is supposed to~Keep your chin up!