Trying to Hold On

Hi, my name is kristen and i'm really hoping this site will help me out. I have been with my boyfriend for two years now, two amazing years and now he is getting ready to go to boot camp. There has not been a day i havn't talked to him and for the most of the two years i have almost seen him every day. I'm scared and worried about him leaving i don't know how to handle it. I still have a few months before he leaves but everyday i think about it and sometimes i just cry myself to sleep, and hasn't even left yet. So i'm worried about when he really does leave. The only thing i do know right now is that i love him and i just want to see him happy.

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well all i can say is enjoy the time you have with him before he leaves because if you spend it worrying about him being gone you will regret when he is! But you came to the right spot! Everyone is going through the same thing so all the ladies gave great advise! <br />
Be Strong Sweetie! Message me anytime!

well that sounds good!!!

That sounds like a good idea and i will be using thing site a lot it looks like...i like it very much.

Well thank you....i really am greatful for your advice!!!

oh okay well i didn't know they had one so thank you....i'm still trying to figure this whole thing out so thanks a lot.

he is joining the marines