So It's Been Like 5 Days

since someone wrote a story in here.

i guess i will update you ladiesssss. WELL, tomorrow i am getting tested for A.D.D. at a local psychologist office. i'm having to take an IQ test, and a bunch of other tests. nooooot looking forward to it at all, we've always suspected i had A.D.D. but never did anything about it. we find out the results july 24th.

on a good note: in 5 DAYS my brothers best friend (practically MY other brother) is going to drive my best friend and i all the way down to miami -it's about an 11 hour drive. i have family that stays in the ft. lauderdale area so we'll be visiting them for a couple days and on the 28th my friend and i are flying out of miami and going to barbados!!! ahhh, i am so ready for two weeks in paradise. we will both be spending our birthdays on the island, i will be turning nineteen.

moreee good news- THOMAS SHOULD BE GETTING PROMOTED TO CORPORAL AUGUST 1st! we have been waiting for this for sooooo long. in the Marines, getting promoted to Cpl in certain M.O.S's is really hard. for instance, the last time thomas was supposed to get promoted, they made the cutting scores higher than anyone had in his whole M.O.S so that no one would get promoted. it's so lame.


what have you ladies been up to???



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O god..

Well Girlie I know a lot about that since I'm a psychologist and I have ADD myself so if you need any advice or whatever let me know I got my masters with dealing with things of this nature.

AWW my baby will make E-4 by October :]