Missing My Man

Omg if i hear one more girl whos dating a civilian tell me she understands how I feel cause she hasnt seen her bf in a day Im gonna scream!! LOL! It takes a strong women to stand behind our soldier. And yes I said behind our men. They wont let us beside them LOL. Its not safe hehe. And I miss if were walking down the sidewalk he makes me walk on the side furthest from the road just in case some random car desides to drive on the sidewalk it'll hit him first. lol. The little things he does that make him feel like hes protecting me make me smile now that hes in Iraq really protecting me.  And I cant wait till hes back home and our house is complete again. To Do Lists and all, I miss the small things. Sleeping alone sucks and I dont tell him bout the sleepless nights filled with tears, cause i know hes on a mission. I cant wait to see dirty ACU's and grey PT's, and ill even polish a boot or two, to lay on the couch and fall asleep wrapped so tight in his arms. He says deployment flies by for them, well it creeps by for us. Stand strong girls, they'll be home soon, we are a family and Im so grateful to have sisters like you

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i'm new at this, my man is Air Force and he just signed up for a mission and its deployment mission and he will be gone for three to four years and it really sucks and its hard because I know that not talking to him will be hard and I know that i'm getting out of the army to be with him and I know that he is my rock and I cant wait to be with him again

Hi, I am a new army wife... and hopefully you could help with this emergency! my husband never got his class a's dry cleaned on the first like i told him to and, he needs it for tommorrow for a ball. hope do you iron the class a's?

I couldn't help but giggle when I read your post, it's all so true! My boyfriend, Jason, did the same thing when we were walking across the street and I said,"What on earth are you doing?" He looked at me like I was silly and said, "Protecting you in case a car comes" like it was the most natural thing in the world. <br />
My best girlfriends say they understand what I'm going through, but they get to go home to their boyfriends or husbands every night and it makes me want to scream too! They don't fully understand what it means to miss someone, so thank you for bringing this up! (I thought I was the only one who felt like this..)<br />
Good luck with the rest of his deployment and please thank him for his service!

As he was leaving for his deployment sunday night his last words he said to me was I love you, stay safe! and yes 'kmem' the next person to say it was his choice he knew what he was signing up for i swear i cant be held responsible for my actions!

Omgoodness sock'em in the face! LOL JK.. It makes me want to sooo bad tho omg..<br />
Or other stupid comments like "well he knew what he got himself into" its very annoying!!!

hopefully it will:)

awww i can't wait until i can actually be woken up in the middle of the night because he is actually sleeping next to me :) i really hope this deployment flies by for you!

omg i totally agree!! its not controlling at all its just a man who loves you respects you and protects you. I love it, I even love being woken up in the middle of the night and having to ride with him to take care of something cause he doenst like to leave me alone. it makes me feel safe and wanted wouldnt change anything

aw thanks :) we aren't worried about our relationship. 3 years going strong and no end in sight :) he's 1000 miles away right now anyway, so the difference isn't so drastic. but i do miss all those adorable little things. no matter where he is in the room his eyes are always noticing where i am and what's going on around me. and he's always ready to like run to my rescue lol. he makes me hold his hand too. or if not i'll be right next to him and if he feels i need extra security his arm securely fastens around me waist lol. some people mistake it for being controlling but it's nice that someone gets how cute it is to have your guy wanting to protect you like that :) i think it's the most adorable thing ever.

awwww so u know the sidewalk thing!!! mine makes me hold his hand everytime were out, just in case he says so i dont get lost or seperated lol. i know its hard but you can do it when he has to go. hold close the small things

awww so i just had to comment because my boyfriend does the same thing to me when we are walking along the road. i always have to be on the inside with him holding my hand (if we're not on base) just so i'll be "safe" lol. it's the cutest thing in the world :) i've only been a military girlfriend for 6 months and my boyfriend hasn't deployed (he is leaving for japan in 3 months though) but i really relate to a lot of what you said. even though our situations are different and i can't say i know exactly how you feel, i understand how it feels to wanna punch girls with civilian boyfriends in the face for being completely ignorant. lol you'll get a lot of that on a college campus. i hope he makes it home soon and i wish you the best! :)

What about the 0200 wake up call where he has to go to the barracks or jail cause some of his soldiers messed up!! And has to go take care of it! lol. And u tag along just cause you dont wanna be home alone. And I hate ironing the class A jacket, its torture!! Thats what dry cleaners are for.

Oh no kidding! I never thought I 'd miss smelly PTs. He hasn't left yet, but I know I'm gonna miss the mornings where it's 4am and he tells me he forgot to wash them. And yeah I moan and groan about it for a minute but I still trudge out to the car and grab those PTs that by then have been marinating in sweat and B.O. for almost 24 hours and have left the car smelling like the inside of a shoe. And I love every minute of it. But I won't polish boots... that's his job. I had to iron his Class A's once for a memoriam... and not bragging, but he is very decorated, and trying to iron that jacket... damn it I wanted to torch it out in the front yard!!! lol<br />
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Sadly you are right, and I have found myself not as close with my friends because they don't understand what it is like. <br />
<br />
We are all strong women! And we'll never forget it!