Dear Us Army


   We have known eachother for 14 yrs, when we met you gave us BIG promises of seeing the world,great education and time with your family, we now know you lied! Well, as you know this has been a hard time for my family, I remember when my 1st son was born, you promised us a 6 week leave, that didn't happen, as with my 2nd son, we all know what happened there (Bosnia)!

  I have kept my mouth shut for many years, I have accepted the long hours and countless deployments! Once again you have my beloved stuck in afghanistan, now he was supposed to be home last week, since our son turned 12, but of course he was not here (exteneded) until Jan 13th, when he will only be home for 15 days, and then go back to dating you for another 5 months.I know I'm the mistress, but im the one he comes home to, and I have had his children! You have never apollogized for your actions, nor will you ever!

  We need to come to an understanding, that I will no longer be 2nd in command when it comes to PAUL'S (Personal life), since he has only 6 yrs left before retirement, I will do everything in my power to make sure his is stateside (Ft Bragg) like he has promised,now I don't understand the love affair you 2 have, but I'm sick of it, and i'm getting ready to crack, so I am asking you this favor (Christmas wish) please bring my man home!!!

  P.S.- (You Suck Raindeer Balls)

Yours Truely, Wendy

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5 Responses Dec 15, 2009

Absolutely loved it!!!!

haha i adore this

haha i adore this

Thank you

OMG AMEN! very well written! haha