My Boyfriends Being Deployed

well to start off the guy i am dating i have known for years we dated once and had to break up well we lost cantact for many years and when he found me after both of us trying to find one another for many years i had a boyfriend he sat back the entire time watching me cry over and over again from the guy i was dating. All this time i never knew he loved me(my current boyfriend) it killed him to see me this way. Well finally i had enough and had started having feelings for the guy that i lost contact with and ended it with the other guy. But right when i had my chance with him we started dating and then had a call from his unit that the were deploying it took me years to find him and when i finally did and was able to have true love he's gone he'll be home for four days im march after 2 months of not seeing him
i misshi like crazy i just wanna be in his arms again. When i'm in hi arms i feel so safe. I miss the love of my life anyone have any advise?

militarygirlfriend0102 militarygirlfriend0102
1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Be thankful you have someone you are so in love with and care about so much.. most people don't even have that.