Hey everyone my names ashley

and i am a marine girlfriend. my boyfriend brandan was just resently deployed to afghanistan and it is serously the hardest thing i have ever been threw. its kinda like ur heart sinks when they leave and that ull never be happy agian. and every phone call is like heaven when u get it. we have been to gether off and on for almost a year. he will b gone for 6 months. I actually pretty new to this ive never dated sum one who has deployed and never thought i would.BUt my heart goes out to all of u who have gotten thew 2 or 3 deployments.

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Hi Ashley! Welcome, I'm pretty new here too. My Fiance, Brandon as well is currently serving in Afghanistan. I have to agree with Sarah, the first month is the hardest of them all. We all have our good days and bad days. I can't say it will get easier but you will learn to deal with his absence as time goes on. Keep yourself busy. I know how it is to worry, sleep by the phone. These support groups help out so much. My Marine left in September and we are nearing the end of his deployment! I can't wait. I used to think it seemed like forever but now its so close. Just keep your head up, pray for him and our fellow troops out there. Send him lots of letters and carepackages. Pictures, anything to remind him of you, home and family. My fiance loves to get letters rather than an email. A letter they can take while them whereever they go. I also would send him lots of pictures of everything and anything,even local newpapers we are from a small town so its nice to keep up to date whats going on at home. It may sound kinda lame but its the smallest things that keep these men going and us women are the reasons they fight to come home....and of course there moms and dads and sibilings but you get my point. I wish you the best in the months to come, it will get better, Military lifestyle is rough, but it makes you and your relationship hell of a lot stronger then you could ever imagine ;) Semper Fi!

Well nice to meet you Ashley. I am Sarah. My guy is in Iraq, he has been there since last June. He came home for R&R and he has just over 5 months to go before he is home. Having just come out of this myself, I have to tell you, that the first month really is the hardest, although it never easy. If you need anything these ladies on here are great and can help give you support, advise or just a sounding board if you need one. So if you need anything, you can send me a message. So welcome to the group Ashley! Brandan is now in all of our thoughts and prayers.