Missing Him

My boyfriend have been together for about 2 and 1/2 years. For about the first year we were together, the army was a word that he had never even once mentioned to me. Then, after a year, he told me that he decided he wanted to enlist. I was devastated. I had always thought that I would never want to be with someone in the military ~ it would be too hard and not the lifestyle for me. But I didnt know what to do. I was hooked on him at that point so how could walk away from something that made me so happy. A year and a half later, he shipped off to bootcamp at Fort Benning. He has been gone for about 4 weeks and I hurt almost as bad as the first day he left. I feel anxious all the time, and each day seems like a lifetime. I live and die for his letters and his phone calls and when i dont get either, it makes the day even worse. I know he is just as stressed and upset as I am, and I know he his going through a lot worse than I am, so I almost feel guilty for being so upset but I cant help it. Im just curious if any other girlfriends feel the same way I do.

klinke klinke
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Thanks guys! It is starting to get better. I know that at this time it could be worse. He could be gone for like a year or something but thankfully he's not. Im counting down the days til I can just see him again =)

Time will fly by... once your in his arms again it will all seem almost worth it. When someone leaves you that your heart belongs to, it hurts so badly. But when they are back, holding you again its the most amazing feeling ever... look forward to that first kiss and hug and cherish it forever!!! 4 weeks is a long time. It gets easier, trust me! Once he gets to AIT and can talk more, things start getting smoother!!! If you need anything just email me. I know its hard talking about this kind of stuff to friends who dont exactly "understand" our situations..... I am a good listener so if you need anything just let me know!!! <br />
Best of Luck :)