I have been with my boyfriend for almost three years now. Hes been my first proper love and i knew from the moment that we started dating that he wanted to join the army. I always told him that i would support him no matter what. He joined up over a year ago. He recently told me that he is being sent on tour. I'm soo scared because you read soo many stories in the news lately and you have no idea what is really out there for them, my mind is going into over drive and he hasn't even been sent away yet. Before we started to date, I always had such admiration for girls  who were in relationships with army guys, but i never wanted to be one. i never thought that i would be strong enough for that kinda relationship. But when i fell for him, i though maybe it won't be soo bad. as he was only in the TA which is part time, i thought the chances of him being deployed were slim. Now that its actually real, i don't know how to cope. Anyone got any advice? I love him and I always will but i just wanna know how I can be strong and support him like i should.

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Thanks girls. I really appreciate it. Its good knowing that there are others who are going through this that you can talk to. Thanks

Hey girl! You can do this. I never thought of myself as the type that was strong enough to do this either. My boyfriend is also a marine, he has been deployed for almost 2 months. It is very hard. But as you will hear, the first month is the hardest. The most important thing piece of advice going into a deployment that I can share is.... Know that what you are feeling is normal. You are scared and you want to think about him all the time... But you must keep yourself busy. Focus on you. Focus on being the person he wants to come home too. Be supportive and loving, and be there every step of the way, but try to keep yourself occupied, its hard, I know. But it makes the time go by so much faster than being miserable. Stay strong! Like I said, you got this! If you need anything, please dont hesitate!!! My name is Sarah, btw!