Day 3

Well now that it's been a few days into the deployment, I still haven't received any phone calls. Mostly myspace messages. However I was looking on his page and he took down a picture of us kissing and his personal information along with his relationship status. I have now asked him three times about this. The first two times he read what I said but apparently ignored it. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

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5 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Well I got on today and he has written me back. He assured me he was not hiding me and he took things off his profile to protect himself and personal life. He just made it to Afghanistan. I have just been praying a lot and hoping for the best. I'm so glad that things have worked out with that for the better! This will give me hope now, I don't feel so anxious right now.

I have asked him for a clear, direct answer in my message. If he responds positively I will be able to move forward I think. Without knowing where his heart is right now, I feel like I can't make a move yet. I know he is unbelievably stressed and has a lot of fear from the past. But he needs to realize that dwelling won't get him better and the past is there for a reason and it's over and done with. It doesn't have to be a repeat. He just has to allow me into a door that he opens for me. I try to prove to him but I don't think he is accepting of it now, and possibly may never be.

Well I wrote him a message asking him that exact question. I am hoping for a positive response. The day before he left though, he said he is unsure if he wants me to still be around when he comes home. Yet he still messages me and says I miss you. He is very inconsistent and it makes things very hard to read. I hope he shows me the right sign. If it's not on myspace I hope it is in his heart, he is most definitely etched into mine.

All he said was that he changed his page completely and that I'm still on there so "I'll be ok" I wrote him back and said it makes me feel hidden, are we still together? and can you put it back up? He is on the way to Afghanistan now from Germany. It just seems a little bit suspicious. I just wish he would get his feelings straightened out!

Hey girl. This is a tough situation. The only advice is can give is to ask him point blank as to why he took it down and changed his relationship status. Honestly, it doesnt sound good BUT, it could be nothing, but this is something you and him HAVE to talk about. Dont stess until you know... As I say, wait to worry. Lemme kinow if i can help.