A Year Without My Love...

My boyfriend  recentlly got called back to the Army from IRR. This will be his 4th deployment.  He's been to Iraq twice and Korea once; this time he's heading to Afganistan.  He left for Georgia on January 17th. Its been 3 months without him so far and I realize this journey will not be an easy one.

As of now, I get to talk to him every night and sometimes we even text during the day.  He is at his 2nd training center of 3, so it will be a little while before he is deployed.  They say you never realize how much you love someone until they are not around and that is so true.  I spent everyday of my life with him for 6 months only to have him recieve a letter in the mail near Christmas telling him he'd been called back.  Ive always thought that long distance relationships dont work out, but I guess I've never really been in love either.  I am determine to make this work through all this.

There is no part of this situation that will ever be easy and I spend countless nights crying myself to sleep.  However, I know when this is all over our relationship will be so much stronger.  Once we make it through this year nothing will tear us apart.  I love him and miss him terribly and I cant wait until he only belongs to me again. I pray every night for his safety and well being. I will keep you all updated!

Jadeanne337 Jadeanne337
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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

Thanks Elizabeth... Ur words mean alot! It feels good to know that someone else is experiencing the same kind of situation! I wish U and ur boyfriend luck!