Military Of 2 Children. One In The Navy And The Other In Air Force!

I am a Mom that has 2 children that are in the military. My son has been in since he graduated from HS and has been stationed in Japan since graduated from The Great Lakes! He has seen so much and been to so many places! I am so PROUD of him!!! He has been moved and stationed in VA. Now! I am so happy! At least now it is easier to visit him when he needs a visit.My son has done a lot of growing up during his time of serving.And so far he has received his associate degree and plans to go further.Just so Proud of him!!!

My youngest military is in the Air Force and She decided after 2 years of college! I just could NOT believe it!! It was rough but she did it. We had a lot tears and praying getting through boot camp. But what an accomplishment.She started out in San Antonio then Good Fellow, and finally now in VA.. With all her schooling from college and after she graduated from Tech school she has ended up with a Bachelor degree! So we are so EXCITED!!! She is in the Intel group.I am VERY MUCH PROUD of my daughter and all her accomplishments this far.

I am so PROUD of both my children and what they have to offer this world. They both give a lot and have a lot to give to our country.God will continue Blessing them BOTH!

DesirableHearts DesirableHearts
51-55, F
May 21, 2012